RV - Venturion Reznor
Waste Oil Heaters

These Reznor used-oil-fired heaters are designed to burn used oil but will also burn no. 2 fuel oils without adjustment. The used oil must be no heavier than 50 weight and not lighter than no. 2 fuel oil.

The heater is shipped from the factory as illustrated, with the warm air discharge on the front. To adapt the heater to a building, the discharge opening may be moved to the rear or divided between front and rear.

  • Automatic, thermostat controlled operation
  • 10-year combustion chamber/heat exchanger limited warranty
  • NEW! - Heavy gauge, single-passage combustion chamber/heat exchanger
  • 115V supply - model RV225230V supply - model RV325
  • Remote pump system provides a metered flow of fuel
  • Oil preheating system (U.S. patent no. 5,080,579)
  • Air atomizing burner
  • Electric spark ignition with electronic cad-cell flame safety system
  • Piston air compressor with replaceable filter
  • Fan and limit controls
  • High temperature limit control
  • Terminal block wiring
  • Built-in disconnect switch
  • Permanently lubricated blower motor with internal overload protection
  • Operation hour meter
  • 24-volt thermostat
  • Barometric draft regulator
  • Backflow/ash sensor
  • Observation and overfire draft sampling ports
  • NEW! - Single point burner wiring connection to facilitate service and prevent operation when access dooris open
  • Flexible fuel line and built-intray for service to the burner and nozzle (without disconnecting the fuel line)
  • NEW! - Large service panels designed for full access to both ends of the combustion chamber/heat exchanger --burner end swings out; exhaustend is easily removed
  • Supply line filter system with a disposable strainer and dirty filter indicator gauge
  • Individually adjustable horizontal louvers that areremovable for duct connection
  • Blower inlet and belt guards
  • Baked-on enamel finish
  • 4-point, 1/2" threaded hanger connectors
  • NEW! - Flexibility to change discharge to the rear or front and rear

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