Water Maze's Ozone Generators

Water Maze offers two types of ozone generators, ideal for safely, naturally and economically ridding wastewater of odor and bacteria.

Ozone is widely used as a wastewater sanitizer because it kills bateria up to 3,000 times faster than chlorine, and other similar agents without creating harmful byproducts. It also acts as a deodorizer. Water Maze ozone generators use a unique mixing procedure that ensures 99% contact by the bacteria-killing ozone with the waste stream—a procedure far more effective than bubbling ozone into a tank. The high output CD ozone generator is especially powerful generating 1.125 grams per hour based on a draw of 20 percent dry oxygen at 44 cubic feet per hour. It features a desiccant air dryer with an indicator showing the condition of the desiccant. The unit is also air-cooled by a fan for increased efficiency. Features of Model 30-7501 include a 3/4 hp circulation pump and a 24-hour timer control.

  • Model 30-7501 generates 24 grams per day using four UV lamps;
  • Model 30-7502 generates 1.125 grams per hour (or 27 grams per day) using corona discharge or CD.

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