Water Maze's ORP/pH Controller

The Advanced Digital ORP/pH Controller minimizes your wastewater management time by automatically monitoring the pH and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) in your water treatment system. Improper pH and ORPallows bacteria and other organisms to grow, creating offensive odors and diminishing water quality and clarity. Monitoring is necessary because the pH and ORPare constantly being affected by detergents and other chemicals that enter the system. The Digital ORP/pH Controller uses an electronic sensor that continually checks the pH and ORPof the water and automatically injects just the right amount of chemical to maintain proper balances. The unit comes complete with controller, sensor, optional pH and ORP pumps. It attaches easily to all current and early-model Alpha, CL, CLPor Delta units.

  • Monitors Oxidation Reduction Potential and pH
  • Minimizes Wastewater Management Time
  • Reduces or Eliminates Waste Stream Odor
  • Easy to Install on any Water Maze System

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