Water Maze's AMC 1000-3000

The AMC (Automatic Maintenance Control) System which is an integral part of the CLP-5024, 7034, 8034 and 9044, can now be retrofitted on any manual Water Maze wash water system or other similar brands.

For years Water Maze customers have savored the advantages of fully automated wash water recycling systems. Now those with manually operated systems can now reap the same benefits of cleaner water and hassle-free operation of a virtually maintenance-free system with Water Maze's new AMC System In-Field Retro Kits.

Maintenance is key to having a wash water recycling system that provides a high quality of water and is free of obnoxious odors.

By integrating system controls that automatically provide daily maintenance, Water Maze allows the workers the time to wash equipment rather than spend valuable hours maintaining a wash water treatment systemHigh Quality Air-Operated Backwash Valves.

  • Nema 4 electrical Enclosure
  • All In-Field Plumbing Components Included
  • Digital Sequencer to Control Processes

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