SDD Series Hot Water Pressure Washer

Landa’s SDD features a super-efficient, dual-burner system that provides a 140°F temperature rise above inlet water temperature with 9.5 GPM of cleaning power at 2500 PSI or 7.8 GPM at 3000 PSI. The SDD supports dual gun operation without a reduction in water temperature. And should one coil go down, the SDD can con- tinue to operate with just one coil until the job is done*. Models are powered by either a Honda or Kawasaki gasoline engine, or a Lombardini diesel engine.

  • QUALITY: Packed with Landa quality throughout, including a top-of-the-line, belt-drive Landa Pump with low RPM for extended life and a 7-year warranty
  • DURABLE: The extraordinarily rugged frame is made of 2-inch square tube steel with an all-metal power platform cushioned by vibration isolators to minimize frame stress.
  • EFFICIENT: The SDD’s sleek, clean-burning, dual coils, with double-pass design, heat water faster and more efficiently than other coils allowing you to clean better and faster while saving significantly on fuel costs.
  • FUNCTIONAL: The SDD is pre-plumbed for drawing water from an auxiliary tank, trailer-ready with included trailer mount brackets, easy to service with open-access design and has forklift guides for portability.
  • SAFETY: The SDD is certified to UL-1776 safety standards.

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